Trustworthy and Smart Actuation in IoT systems —ENACT

Period: January 2018 – December 2020

Budget: ~4.9M Euro

Project coordinator: Research and technology organizations from Norway – SINTEF (

Partners total: 11

Countries involved (6): Norway, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Latvia.

The prognosis is that by 2020 IOT devices will be more than 20 billion. And it is said that in the future more and more useful will be not only devices that gather data using sensors, but also devices that allow environment control using actuators providing even more possibilities. Complex challenges remain to be solved however to efficiently exploit the full potential of the rapidly growing IoT infrastructure.

The next generation IoT systems will have to perform distributed processing and coordinated behavior across IoT, edge and cloud infrastructures, manage the closed loop from sensing to actuation, and cope with vast heterogeneity, scalability and dynamicity of IoT systems and their environments.

ENACT intends to solve these challenges providing solutions to whole cycle of activities. From sensor data gathering to actuator control no matter of IoT usecase, work environment and scale. Special attention will be payed to security and privacy of these systems and also stability.

ENACT intends to apply and evolve the next generation of DevOps tools and methods (, to facilitate the development and operation of trustworthy smart IoT applications.

In ENACT EDI will define the requirements for future IoT systems in intelligent transport usecase, testing of developed solutions and will provide the infrastructure and platform for the showcase and validation of ENACT results with train transport. ITS lead partner is a company from Spain – INDRA (

More information about ENACT:

Contact: Modris Greitans,, 28398813

Participating scientists

    Mg. sc. comp. Jānis Judvaitis


    +371 67558-182
    Dr. sc. comp. Modris Greitāns

    Director of EDI, Senior Researcher

    +371 67554500
    Mg. sc. comp. Rihards Balašs


    +371 67558154

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