“Cyber-Physical Systems” laboratory at EDI is exploring the research questions for systems that sense, analyze, decide and interact with the real, physical world.

The group conducts research and development in the fields of wireless sensor netwoorks, prototyping, profiling and testing of embedded systems, design and usability of operating systems for such systems and intelligent transportanion systems. Considerable emphasis is on interdisciplinary research topics that enable a new view to the world and a positive impact.

Here are a representative sample of the projects at the lab: EDIMote – a modular prototyping, profiling and testing tool for embedded systems; MansOS – a unix-like operating system for wireless sensor networks; WSN system for precision agriculture; participation in the Grand Cooperative Driving Challenge (GCDC); and a sensor system for scoliosis treatement.

The lab includes researchers with doctoral and master’s degrees as wellas graduate and undergraduate students. Should you be interested in collaboration, please contact us.

Assigned Specialists