Artis Mednis. A Multimodal Approach for Determination of Vehicle Position. L. Niedrite et al. (Eds.): BIR 2011 Workshops, LNBIP 106, pp. 223–235, 2012. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2012.

One of the most important tasks during development of hardware/software systems for assisted and automatic driving is determination of vehicle position with sufficient accuracy in real time. Most of experimental systems developed yet are based on relatively expensive Real Time Kinematic technique which primary usage is land and hydrographical surveys with centimetre level accuracy.
The paper is describing technique for determination of vehicle position, based on multimodal data sources with subsequent data integration. Data acquisition is performed using several GNSS receivers with SBAS capability as well as stationary reference stations. Data acquisition and integration methods are discussed as well as their performance analyzed using data from real world experiments.