Artis Mednis, Georgijs Kanonirs, and Leo Selavo. Adaptive Vehicle Mode Monitoring Using Embedded Devices with Accelerometers. J.B. Pérez et al. (Eds.): Highlights on PAAMS, AISC 156, pp. 231–238, 2012. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2012.


Monitoring of specific attributes such as vehicle speed and fuel consumption as well as cargo safety is an important problem for transport domain. This task is performed using specific multiagent monitoring systems. To ensure secure operation of such systems they should have autonomous and adaptive behaviour.
The paper is describing an adaptive agent for vehicle mode monitoring using embedded devices with accelerometers. Data processing algorithm and adaptive functionality are discussed and their evaluation is presented with vehicle standing mode detection as high as true positive rate of 97% using real world data. Optimization of parameters for data processing algorithm is performed as well as suggestions for their application described.