A. Ribakov „Compression Functions Used in the Algorithms for the Estimation of Signal Arrival Time under High-Precision Event Timing” “Automatic Control and Computer Sciences” Vol.46, Number 6, 2012 , Allerton Press, Inc. pp. 288-298. A.Рыбаков. „Использование сжимающих функций в алгоритмах оценивания времени прихода сигналов при прецизионном таймировании событий”. – ”Автоматика и вычислительная техника” – АВТ, Выпуск No.6, 2012, с.69-82.

The possibilities are studied for improving the accuracy of the interpolation method for measuring the event occurrence time based on the digital processing of signals associated with the events. The problem of estimating the time of the analog signal arrival is formulated and solved as a problem of finding a fixed point of some contraction mapping. The compression function is constructed on the basis of spectral coefficients of a trigonometric series that approximates the shape of the analog signal. The accuracy potential of the interpolation measurement technique is illustrated by the results of computer simulation.