G. Gaigals, M. Greitans and A. Andziulis, “Compressive Sensing: Analysis of Signals in Radio Astronomy”, Baltic Astronomy, vol.22, pp. 347-361, 2013

The compressive sensing (CS) theory says that for some kind of signals
there is no need to keep or transfer all the data acquired accordingly
to the Nyquist criterion. In this work we investigate if the CS approach
is applicable for recording and analysis of radio astronomy (RA)
signals. Since CS methods are applicable for the signals with sparse
(and compressible) representations, the compressibility of RA signals is
verified. As a result, we identify which RA signals can be processed
using CS, find the parameters which can improve or degrade CS
application to RA results, describe the optimum way how to perform
signal filtering in CS applications. Also, a range of virtual LabVIEW
instruments are created for the signal analysis with the CS theory.