Ovidiu Vermesan, Kai vorm Walde, Roy Bahr, Cordula Conrady, Jānis Judvaitis, Gatis Gaigals, Tore Karlsen, Marcello Coppola, Hans-Erik Sand. Edge AI LoRa Mesh Technologies. Advancing Edge Artificial Intelligence System Contexts, River Publishers, 2023.

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Anotācija: Intelligent connectivity at the edge combines wireless communication, edge artificial intelligence (AI), edge computing and internet of things (IoT) technologies to perform machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL) tasks on connected edge devices. Low latency, ultra-low energy intelligent IoT devices with on-board computing, using a distributed architecture and analytics are essential as the intelligent connectivity advances. Intelligent wireless mesh technologies refer to network architectures that employ multiple interconnected devices or nodes to create a mesh-like distributed network topology integrated with edge AI analytics using ML and DL algorithms and embedded into various IoT systems. In an intelligent wireless mesh network (WMN), each node has embedded intelligence and can communicate directly with its neighbouring nodes and transfer data efficiently to other nodes. The intelligent wireless mesh approach offers several advantages, including increased coverage, embedded intelligence, redundancy, and scalability compared to traditional point-to-point wireless networks. The convergence of technologies (e.g., connectivity, edge AI, IoT, distributed architectures, federated learning) results in intelligent edge mesh communication systems performing efficiently connectivity tasks by optimising data rates, coverage, energy, and interference. This paper overviews the latest advancements in edge AI LoRa mesh technologies and applications, highlights the state-of-the-art mesh communication requirements and implementations, and sketches future research challenges and directions.

URL: https://www.taylorfrancis.com/books/oa-mono/10.1201/9781003478713/advancing-edge-artificial-intelligence-ovidiu-vermesan-dave-marples