A. Hermanis, R. Cacurs, K. Nesenbergs un M. Greitāns. “Efficient Real-Time Data Acquisition of Wired Sensor Network with Line Topology”, 2013 IEEE Conference on Open Systems, 2-4 dec., 6lpp.

In this paper a method for efficient data acquisition from sensor network with large number of nodes is proposed. A specific design allows simple device connection in daisy-chain configuration, thus removing addressing problems and allowing synchronized sampling design using just 4 wires. Several limitations are considered to provide mathematical model for estimation of maximum number of sensor nodes. An experimental setup was designed which demonstrated theoretical ability to acquire data from up to 200 sensors with 50 Hz sampling rate using conventional low-cost hardware, however, more advanced setup could allow to increase maximum number of sensors several times. The wiring structure of the network as well as hardware is specifically designed for use in smart garments or similar applications that require sensor integration in compact environment and low-power, real-time performance