J. Judvaitis, I. Homjakovs, R. Cacurs, K. Nesenbergs, A. Hermanis, K. Sudars, 2015. Improving object transparent vision using enhanced image selection, Automatic Control and Computer Sciences, Vol. 49, Nr. 6, 2015, pp

All authors:

Jānis Judvaitis, Igors Homjakovs, Ričards Cacurs, Krišjānis Nesenbergs, Atis Hermanis, Kaspars Sudars.


In this paper we try to improve object transparent vision. Our goal is to see how object transparent vision can be improved by: 1. Automated fused image correctness check. 2. Finding correct images for image fusing. We also conducted several experiments related to object transparent vision in order to gain better understanding of subject. The introduced improvements in the paper can provide reasonable result for image fusion for most of the analyzed cases.