O. Nikisins, M. Greitans, R. Fuksis, M. Pudzs, Z. Serzane. “Increasing the Reliability of Biometric Verification by using 3D Face Information and Palm Vein Patterns”, BIOSIG2010, Darmstadt, Germany, 09.-10. September.2010.g.133-138.
The improvement of the reliability for biometric image-based identification systems is discussed in this paper. Accuracy rising of the verificationprocess is based on two main principles: implementation of multidimensionalityand advanced image acquisition. The multidimensionality principle is based ontwo factors: the system structure (multimodality of biometric system) and theacquired biometric data (visual and spatial information about the object). Theadvanced image acquisition is based on multi-view principle and photography thatis sensitive in infrared spectrum.