R. Zviedris, A. Elsts, G. Strazdins, A. Mednis and L. Selavo. LynxNet: Wild Animal Monitoring Using Sensor Networks. Proceedings of REALWSN 2010, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 2010, Vol. 6511, 2010, pp. 170-173.

Monitoring wild animals, especially those that are becoming endangered (for example, lynxes and wolves) is important for biology researchers. Solutions for the monitoring already exist; however, they all have drawbacks, such as limited range or lifetime, sensing modality, reporting delays, unreliability of operation. In this work we describe our experiences in designing an improved animal monitoring sensor system and low-level software for sensor node control and communication. The target animals for this particular research are wild lynxes or canines, however it can be extended to other animal species. The LynxNet system is based on tracking collars, built around TMote Mini sensor nodes, sensors, GPS and 433MHz radio, and stationary base stations, placed at the locations that are frequented by the animals. We present preliminary field results of our radio communication range tests.