Shavelis, R., Ozols, K. (2020) Bluetooth Low Energy Wireless Sensor Network Library in MATLAB Simulink. Journal of Sensor and Actuator Network, 9 (3), 38. doi: 10.3390/jsan9030038
The paper describes the elements of the developed MATLAB Simulink library for building the models of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) wireless sensor networks to simulate the communication between BLE devices in the presence of interference and channel noise. Various parameters can be configured for the devices including their 2D positions to take into account the distances between them for calculating the attenuation coefficients of the transmitted signals. Two simulation examples are provided, one of which demonstrates the data exchange between one master device and one slave at high data packet transmission rate (2 kHz), while the other example shows the data exchange between one master and multiple slaves simultaneously, in which case the data packet transmission rate can be no larger than 133 Hz.Full version available in: