J. Judvaitis, K. Nesebergs, R. Balass, M. Greitans. Challenges of DevOps ready IoT Testbed. CEUR Workshop Proceedings, 2442(), 3-6 pp. 2019.

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Anotācija: Developing, deploying, testing and validating complex software systems is complicated and as a result security, privacy and quality in general often suffer due to limited resources and rapid development cycles. In the case of IoT system development there are additional levels of complexity and risks. In this paper we present our ongoing effort towards providing and validating a solution for these problems as a toolset/TestBed implementing previously established ENACT IoT DevOps concepts and Framework, aimed at ensuring continued Quality of Service and application of best practices during development cycle of IoT systems. Copyright © 2019 for this paper by its authors.

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