Ahluwalia Vaibhav, Arents Janis, Oraby Aly, Greitans Modris. Construction and benchmark of an autonomous tracked mobile robot system. Robotic Systems and Applications, 2(1), 15-28 pp. JVE Journals, 2022.

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Anotācija: Robots require a certain set of skills to perceive and analyse the environment and act accordingly. For tracked mobile robots getting good odometry data from sensory information is a challenging key prerequisite to perform in an unstructured dynamic environment, thus an essential issue in the tracked mobile robotics domain. In this article, we construct a ROS-based tracked mobile robot system taking the Jaguar V4 mobile robot as the base platform. On which several visual odometry solutions based on different cameras and methods (Intel RealSense T265, Zed camera, RTAB-Map RGBD) are integrated and benchmark comparison is performed. Analysis of new challenges faced by different methods while applied on a tracked vehicle as well as recommendations and conclusions are presented. Intel RealSense T265 solution proved to perform well in uncertain conditions which involves bounded vibrations and low lighting conditions with low latency, which result in good map generation. Further evaluations with a path planning algorithm and Intel RealSense T265 were conducted to test the effect of the robot’s motion profiles on odometry data accuracy.

URL: https://doi.org/10.21595/rsa.2022.22336

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