V. A. Bespal’ko and A. S. Rybakov, “Correlation Method for Estimation of Event Timing Precision”, “Automatic Control and Computer Sciences” – AC&CS, Allerton Press, Inc., Vol.47, Number 1, 2013, pp. 38-47. В.А. Беспалько и А.С. Рыбаков, „Корреляционный метод оценки точности таймирования событий”, ”Автоматика и вычислительная техника” – АВТ, Выпуск No. 1, 2013 (Vol. 47) с. 53-65.

A method for estimation of event timing precision is proposed and investigated. The method is based on a correlation analysis of the results of measuring the time coordinates of the original and delayed event flows. The timing error variance estimates are shown not to be directly dependent on the volatility of the time coordinates of the flows. Estimates are obtained for the variance of a random interval between events in the flow and the variance of the delay of the time-shifted flow. The estimates contain no components associated with measurement error. The capabilities of the method are illustrated by the results of computer simulations and actual measurements.