V. Bespalko, I. Burak, K. Salmins. Estimating the Precision of a Leading-Edge Discriminator with Amplitude Correction. Instruments and Experimental Techniques, 62(6), 788-793 pp. 2019.

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Anotācija: The formation of time stamps that are independent of the sensor output pulse amplitude in the domain of event timing is well-known problem. It is shown that the time-stamp accuracy (time walk) can be estimated using high-speed arbitrary-signal generators and general-purpose time meters with an uncertainty of the estimate of no worse than 0.2 ps. The efficiency of the technique is demonstrated for a leading-edge discriminator (LED). The proposed LED version combined with an amplitude meter and amplitude correction has a 17-ps time walk.

URL: https://doi.org/10.1134/S0020441219060022

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