A.Lorencs, I.Mednieks, J.Sinica-Sinavskis. “Fast Object Detection in Digital Grayscale Images”, Proceedings of the Latvian Academy of Sciences. Section B., 2009, Vol.63, No.3, pp.116-124.

The problem of specific object detection in digital grayscale images is considered under the following conditions: relatively small image fragments can be analysed (a priori information about the size of objects is available); images contain a varying undefined background (clutter) of larger objects; processing time should be minimised and must be independent from the image contents; proposed methods should provide for efficient implementation in application-specific electronic circuits. The last two conditions reflect the aim to propose approaches suitable for application in real time systems where known sophisticated methods would be inapplicable. The research is motivated by potential applications in the food industry (detection of contaminants in products from their X-ray images), medicine (detection of anomalies in fragments of computer tomography images etc.). Possible objects to be detected may include compact small objects, curved lines in different directions, and small regions of pixels with brightness different from the background. The paper describes proposed image processing approaches to detection of such objects and the results obtained from processing of sample food images.