Yu.Artyukh, I.Bilinskis, A.Rybakov, K.Sudars, V.Vedin. Modular Multi-channel Data Acquisition Systems //Автоматика и вычислительная техника, № 3 (42), 2008, с.5-14. (English edition: // Automatic Control and Computer Sciences, Vol. 42, No. 3, 2008, pp. 113–119).
A flexible approach to complexity-reduced multi-channel data acquisition from a large quantity of sensors, essential for connecting computers with the real world objects, is discussed and the obtained experience in this area is summarised. Data acquisition from wideband, event timing and large distributed clusters of signal sources are discussed with an emphasis on methods and algorithms providing for data gathering from large sensor systems. Special signal digitising techniques, including pseudo-randomised multiplexing, time-to-digital conversions and signal sample value taking at time instants when the input signal crosses a sinusoidal reference function are discussed. The versatility of the data acquisition systems is achieved by using modular system design. To fully gain from the suggested data acquisition technology, the acquired data processing is based on the theory of digital alias-free signal processing.