Ivars Drikis, Ingars Ribners, Juris Ormanis, Krisjanis Nesenbergs. Scalable in-door positioning system for cooperative Micro Intelligent Vehicle algorithm development. Published in 16th Biennial Baltic Electronics Conference (BEC) 2018.

All authors:

Ivars Drikis, Ingars Ribners, Juris Ormanis, Krisjanis Nesenbergs


Even though cooperative driving shows great promise in improving road safety and travel efficiency, full scale experimental testing of related algorithms after simulation phase is prohibitively expensive. Micro Intelligent Vehicles (MicroIV) are commonly used as a more cost efficient, easier and faster way to develop innovations in this field. As GPS is a crucial component in autonomous driving scenarios but is not practical for use at MicroIV scales, alternative solutions are needed. This paper proposes a scalable, low-cost positioning system based on image processing, that can be used as a replacement for GPS in indoor facilities.