V.Aristovs, G.Gaigals, G.Supols, E.Lobanovs, V.Riekstins, V.Zujs. 23 Apr 2021. “Ultra-Wideband Pulse Radar with Discrete Stroboscopic Receiver for Detection of Small Targets Behind Dielectric Obstacles”, Transport and Telecommunication Journal, Volume 22, no. 2, pp.196-206, DOI: https://doi.org/10.2478/ttj-2021-0015


All authors:

Vladimirs Aristovs, Gatis Gaigals, Gatis Šūpols, Eduards Lobanovs, Vents Riekstiņš, Voldis Zujs


Increasing requirements in the field of security, in particular in the transport sector, the rescue work, the inviolability of private property and others urged to research work in the field of radar monitoring people, vehicles or other objects in the environment that not allow make so using the most popular and available technology for production and analysis of video images. These conditions of poor visibility, or even lack thereof, are darkness, bad weather, smoke, dust, wall (roof) buildings and the vehicle body. Existing instruments and special equipment occupy a certain niche in this area, mainly for counter-terrorism operations. However, such equipment is not readily available and extremely high price. In the paper presented research is development of the group’s existing radar technology in the field of location through opaque obstacles.