Rusins, A.; Tiscenko, D.; Dobelis, E.; Blumbergs, E.; Nesenbergs, K.; Paikens, P.. Wearable Device Bluetooth/BLE Physical Layer Dataset. Data, 9(4), 53 pp. MDPI, 2024.

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Anotācija: Wearable devices, such as headsets and activity trackers, rely heavily on the Bluetooth and/or the Bluetooth Low Energy wireless communication standard to exchange data with smartphones or other peripherals. Since these devices collect personal health and activity data, ensuring the privacy and security of the transmitted data is crucial. Therefore, we present a dataset that captures complete Bluetooth communications—including advertising, connection, data exchange, and disconnection—in an RF isolated environment using software-defined radio. We were able to successfully decode the captured Bluetooth packets using existing tools. This dataset provides researchers with the ability to fully analyze Bluetooth traffic and gain insight into communication patterns and potential security vulnerabilities.


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