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On April 05

EDI scientific director - senior researcher M.Greitāns and senior researcher  L.Seļāvo participate as speakers in business management, economic leaders and experts conference EBIT 2017, which take place  in the Radisson Blu Latvia.


On March 30

Signal processing laboratory researcher Kaspars Ozols is participating in "Widening participation in H2020: Baltic Sea region on the road towards being the most innovative region in the world" workshop.

On March 23

EDI scientific director Modris Greitāns representing the Institute and participating in Latvian Electrical Engineering and Electronics Industry Association (LETERA) annual meeting of members, which this year took place in Riga Technical University (Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications). In meeting were reported LETERA activities in 2016, elected a new board and a president, approved 2017 budget and were defined priority areas for actions in 2017.

On March 21

EDI scientific director Modris Greitāns representing the Institute and participating in Latvian Information and Communications Technology Association (LIKTA) annual meeting of members.  In LIKTA  meeting were presented and approved LIKTA board report on the progress, and set priorities for the future work of the Association.

On March 1

The Institute of Electronics and Computer Science (IECS) has started a project titled “High precision synchronous timing in widely distributed scientific instrumentation (DaLaS)” in Marcs 1, 2017. Project co-financed by European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and managed by Dr.sc.comp. Ints Mednieks.

On February 20 -22

Lead researcher Leo Seļavo participate in the International Conference on Embedded Wireless Systems and Networks (EWSN 2017). EWSN is a highly selective single-track international conference focussing on premier research results at the intersection of embedded systems and wireless networking. EWSN in this year is held in Uppsala (Sweden). Conference page  www.ewsn2017.org

On February 13 -17

The Latvian Information and Communications Technology Association (LIKTA) in cooperation with Latvian higher education institutions from 13 - 17 February organize the Latvian programmers day 2017, which will consist of a high-level conference, as well as creative workshops, where students, professionals and other interested parties will be able to try out the latest technology.

In this conference will also perform EDI lead researcher and University of Latvia Professor L.Seļāvo with presentation "Internet of things and Internet of humans, or the nervous system of the human race?"

While, on 13 and 16 February from 15:00 till 18:00 in EDI will be provided embedded platform Arduino programming basics.

More information: https://ej.uz/ProgDienas2017

On February 09

EDI is visiting technology portal http://geenius.ee/ journalist from Estonia - Ronald Liive to find out more about in NRP program SOPHIS project developed self-driving car technology and to meet with EDI partners.

Watch video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hOFqrAM_IIo

On December 30

IECS has submitted project proposals in the Central Finance and Contracting Agency (CFCA) within the framework of the project selection of Operational programme “Growth and employment” - specific Objective 4.2.1. “To increase energy efficiency in public and residential buildings”. More about project selection http://www.cfla.gov.lv/lv/es-fondi-2014-2020/izsludinatas-atlases/4-2-1-2-k-1