On April 29

14:00 Seminar of the European Union European Regional Development Fund project “High precision synchronous timing in widely distributed scientific instrumentation (DaLaS)” Project No: Venue: “A” auditorium of the Institute of Electronics and Computer Science, Dzerbenes str. 14, Riga. Seminar program.

On April 12-13

Robotics and machine perception laboratory senior researcher Kaspars Ozols, scientific assistant Janis Arents and engineer Elvijs Buls together with Cyber-Physical systems laboratory researcher Aleksandrs Levinskis and scientific assistant Ingars Ribners are participating in "Deep Tech Atelier" technology conference dedicated to deep-tech start-up creation and further development. This conference is not only a place for discussion for all interested parties – entrepreneurs, scientists and technology developers,  industry representatives, investors, government and public organizations. This is a practical, hands-on workshop type forum with tangible outcomes – creation of entrepreneurial science based start-ups based on the Commercialization Reactor’s platform.

In the demo session/space, EDI presents both 1) Artificial Intelligence based stereo vision system for object detection, recognition, classification and pick-up by a robotic arm (J.Arents and E.Buls); and 2) EDI drive by wire car, demonstrating perception system, V2X communication devices and Car-in-the-loop setup (A.Levinskis and I.Ribners). Besides that, K.Ozols gives a short pitch about the EDI drive-by-wire car on April 12th and full presentation about collaboration opportunities with EDI on April 13th.

On April 12

K. Nesenbergs, head of Cyber-Physical Systems lab., participates in North European Cyber Security Cluster (NECC) meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark, with the goal of learning about latest achievements in cyber-security and also to present EDI research achievements (including Trinity project) to leading North European companies, discuss the Danish Cyber and Information Security Strategy and discuss the opportunities of collaboration in European research proposal preparation and submission.

On April 11

Head of Cyber-physical systems lab. K. Nesenbergs participates in Defence Research InfoDay 2019 and Brokerage event, Brussels, Belgium. During the event seminars of European Defence Agency research contest "Preparatory Action on Defence Research 2019" are visited and information of key developments in the field (cyber-security, radar technologies, AI, ITS, soldier physical capability enhancement etc.) is acquired. Also, while participating in F2F brokerage event, information of EDI research results is disseminated and potential collaboration in submitting European research proposals discussed.


On April 11

EDI Scientific Director Modris Greitans participates in the Latvian Radio1 program Known in Unknown, where he talks about future medical technologies, what they will be and what our digital twins, personalized precision medicine, wearable sensor systems, where EDI is involved in the development.

On April 2-5

Janis Judvaitis, researcher at the Institute of Electronics and Computer Science, participates in the "Trustworthy and Smart Actuation in IoT Systems —ENACT" project partner face-to-face meeting in Bilbao, Spain. During the meeting, the progress of the project, the results achieved, the problems encountered and their solutions are discussed.

On April 3-4

CPS lab. researcher Aleksandrs Levinskis is attendig PRYSTINE project organize conference which is held in Helsinki, inland. During the conference project status and  EDI upcoming cooperation with other consortium partners was being discussed. In addition talks were initiated regarding EDI final demonstrator an its expectations.

On March 28

Signal processing laboratory senior researcher Kaspars Ozols and Time measurement laboratory researcher Kaspars Sudars are participating in "EIT Awareness Day" in Latvia, Riga. During the event, the EIT Community provides an introduction to its ongoing activities in Latvia and at pan-European level, as well as specific information on potential areas for cooperation with interested national stakeholders. Organisations and individuals from all sides of the Knowledge Triangle (business, education and research), as well other interested stakeholders are invited to participate at the event, meet representatives from the eight EIT Innovation Communities and contribute to the discussions.

On March 28

Researcher Ričards Cacurs and assistant Artis Rozentāls participate in event "Building Construction Day", where they demonstrate sensor prototype for construction deformation monitoring that has been developed in project - "„3D formu jūtīgs audums”(3D  Audums)". The event is organized by Latvian Builder Association and Latvian Association of Civil Engineers in collaboration with State Real Estate.

On March 27

EDI Scientific Director Modris Greitāns, representing the Institute, participates in the annual meeting of members of the Latvian Association of Electrotechnical and Electronics Industries (LETERA), which will take place on March 27 at 11:00. 14:00 at the Institute of Solid State Physics, University of Latvia - Kengaraga Street 8, Riga. The meeting reports on the activities of LETERA in 2018, elected a new board and president, approved the budget for 2019 and set priorities for 2019. The meeting also gives the name LETERA members and guests to tell about their activities in the previous year and their future plans.

On March 26

EDI Scientific Director Modris Greitāns, representing the Institute, participates in the annual meeting of Latvian Information and Communication Technology Associations (LIKTA). The LIKTA General Meeting presented and approved the LIKTA Board's report on the progress made, as well as identified priorities for the future work of the Association.

On March 22

The scientific director, leading researcher Modris Greitāns will attend and participate as an expert in the conference at the University of Latvia Academic Center in the Nature House "What scientists are offering for the National Development Plan". The goal of the conference is to strengthen the link between researchers, entrepreneurs, politicians and government employees, to promote mutual understanding of how academic science ideas become applied research and to develop innovative solutions for both business and public administration.

On March 20-22

Signal processing laboratory scientific assistant Jānis Ārents is participating in European Robotics Forum - ERF2019 in Bucharest, Romania. During the event workshops, presentations, sessions and TRINITY workshops  "Cybersecurity for robotics" http://www.trinityrobotics.eu/erf2019/cybersecurity-for-robotics-at-erf2019/ and "Agile production" http://www.trinityrobotics.eu/erf2019/agile-production/ as well are attended where the newest trends in robotics are presented. In addition, EDI  during networking events is presenting it main scientific achievments in the field and discussing new project ideas with potential future partners.

On March 7

Scientific director M. Greitans and head of Cyber-physical systems lab. K. Nesenbergs participated in a high-level discussion focused on the future of the healthcare sector and the challenges ahead, which was hosted at the residence of ambassador of Netherlands to Latvia.

Among other participants were CEO and several other representatives of Philips CEE, representatives of Ministry of Healthcare and Ministry of Economics of Latvia, specialist doctors as well as related researchers, company and start-up representatives.

On March 5

EDI staff M. Greitans, K. Nesenbergs, J. Judvaitis and A. Levinskis visit the information day "Horizon 2020 Financial Rules: How to properly Implemented", which takes place at the University of Latvia Science House. Within the information day, its visitors are introduced to the Institute's achievements in Horizon 2020 projects such as Trinity, ENACT, PRYSTINE, AutoDrive, I-MECH and 3Ccar.

On March 4-7

Signal processing laboratory senior researchers Kaspars Ozols and Roberts Kadikis are participating in "BRAIN" project f2f meeting in Taipei, Taiwan. During the meeting, BRAIN consortium partners are discussing about main scientific challenges in the field, assess the information of H2020 ECSEL 2019 call and write Project Outline.

On February 23 - 28

Atis Elsts, software engineer in the cyber-physical systems lab, is visiting Tsighua University in Beijing, China, in order to participate in the International Conference on Embedded Wireless Systems and Networks (EWSN 2019) and to present the paper "Instant: A TSCH Schedule for Data Collection from Mobile Nodes”.

On February 28

EDI researcher Aleksandrs Levinskis  is participating in " Connected Autonomous Driving with BMW and Udacity"  event which is held at "BMW Group Research and Innovation Center"  in Munich. During the event EDI scientific results in the field of self-driving cars was popularized and PRISTYNE project outcomes was disseminated between field and industry specialists.

On February 27-28

Scientific Director, Senior Researcher Modris Greitans participates in the COST CA16226 SHELD-ON Activity Meeting in Porto (Portugal) on 27 and 28 February, during which the Steering Committee meets and workshops.

On February 26

In the EDI Conference Hall, there are "Mechanical Engineering and Metalworking Industries Associations" that deal with how it is designed to take the action necessary to operate. Industry 4.0 and Digitalization of Production. Then MOSAC members get acquainted with EDI research infrastructure and laboratories.

On February 20

Signal processing laboratory scientific assistant Rihards Novickis is presenting research results on new approach for Artifical Neural Network (ANN) architecture transformation for FPGA implementation. Researcher Team - LAS Academician Modris Greitāns, Dr.sc.ing. Kaspars Ozols, Mg.sc.ing. Rihards Novickis, Mg.sc.ing. Daniel Janis Justs.

On February 15

Researcher Ričards Cacurs and Jānis Ārents participate in forum DIG-IN (https://www.em.gov.lv/lv/nozares_politika/inovacija/aktualitates/dig_in/apraksts/) for innovative digital technology applications for industrial use cases. During the forum, adaptive robotic system developed in institute is demonstrated. System uses various sensors, computer vision and deep machine learning algorithms can recognize and sort various objects and adapt to unpredictable situations in dynamic manufacturing environment.

On February 11-13

EDI researcher Aleksandrs Levinskis  is participating in   AutoDrive (Advancing fail-aware, fail-safe, and fail-operational electronic components, systems, and architectures for fully automated driving to make future mobility safer, affordable, and end-user acceptable) project yearly consorcium meeting, which is held in Amberg, Germany. During the event, overall project status being discussed as well as project outcomes.

February 8

At 16:00 The most remarkable science achievements in 2018 at the Latvian Academy of Sciences. Last December, the Latvian Academy of Sciences (LAS) named the most significant achievements in Latvian science.The LAS President receives recognition from the Institute's team of researchers - LAS Academician Modris Greitāns, Dr.sc.ing. Kaspars Ozols, Mg.sc.ing. Rihards Novickis, Mg.sc.ing. Daniel Janis Justs is an original created and approbated by the Institute to ensure they are random.

Artificial Neural Network (MNT) applications in the field of fast-moving life - transport, manufacturing, medicine, etc. Scholarships related to data processing, incl. programmable logical arrays (FPGAs). Real time processes are vitally important. New approach to MNT architecture created transforms FPGA structures into resources related to MNT implementation. Approached by Horizon2020 project 3CCar game, demonstrates electric car testing using 17 sensor data.

On February 7-8

Riga Christian Secondary School student groups are visiting the Institute of Electronics and Computer Science. During the tour in laboratories, students are introduced with research and development activities and explore how to build an electronic circuit on breadboard.

On January 14-16th

Signal processing laboratory scientific assistant Rihards Novickis is participating in "ECS Brokerage Event 2019" organized by AENAS, ARTEMIS-IA and EPoSS in Brussels, Belgium. During the brokerage event, EVISION (Embedded Vision Systems For Autonomy and Safety) project idea will be discussed with the existing and future partners of the project consortium.

On January 14-16th

Signal processing laboratory senior researcher Kaspar Ozols is participating in "Digital Technologies, Advanced Robotics and increased Cyber-security for Agile Production in Future European Manufacturing Ecosystems" ( TRINITY ) kick-off meeting in Tampere, Finland. During the meeting, the project implementation is planned and disccused.

On January 8-10th

Modris Greitans, scientific director of the Institute and leading researcher at the Discrete Signal Processing Laboratory, participates in the "Trustworthy and Smart Actuation in IoT Systems —ENACT" project partner face-to-face meeting in Paris, France. During the meeting, the progress of the project, the results achieved, the problems encountered and their solutions are discussed.

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